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I’m a former copywriter who loves fitness. I’ve been passionate about it for the best part of a decade, but I started nerding out about it in early 2021.


I believe that there shouldn't be any barriers to people getting fitter. Whether it’s workouts we have access to or the food we put in our bodies, information and resources should be freely available so that we all have fewer excuses to not do it.


So, now, I see it as my duty to share what I've learned and help you reprogram any limiting beliefs you may have. Hopefully, what I know helps you cultivate a healthier lifestyle, faster.

Current status (as of January 2023):

  • Training to be an ACE-certified personal trainer

  • Pescetarian

  • Calories and macros: 2,481kcal, P181 C91 F148

  • 3-day workout cycle: 2 active days followed by 1 rest day

  • Primarily strength training and low-intensity cardio (LISS)

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